Mark Lavey is a Nashville-based professional touring and session guitarist/songwriter specializing in the Blues, Country, Rock, Christian, and Acoustic/Folk genres. Having performed hundreds of live shows and recording sessions, Mark possesses the knowledge, experience, skill set, and most importantly the “ear” to support the artist and/or the song. Quoted by music business pros as gentle, humble, and an all around great “hang”, Mark is an immense guitarist who is available for hire.

Mark says:
A guitarist who can play ANYTHING on the spot...you hum it, I'll play it. As per a studio call from Kenny Beard, producer/songwriter for Trace Adkins, "Mark, I need a solo like ZZ Top meets Stevie Ray Vaughan". I think my greatest asset is to be able to wear many hats and sound like so many players, but yet, have a very distinct sound, tone, and approach in my playing. My peers say I am "very musical with a natural sense of melody in my playing".